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Fall 2017 Courses     


*Our Fall 2017 Schedule*

Here you will find a complete listing of the courses being offered for

YPTW's Fall  2017 session. When you find the course you wish to take,

please take note of the course ID located in parenthesis.

(For example: The course ID for "Intro To Theatre" is F2017-101).

Please use the course ID when submitting your registration form.

Fall classes begin on Saturday, September 9, and run 8 weeks. The final classes will be held on October 28th.


New students to YPTW will receive a 10% class tuition discount!!

Tell your friends about this extraordinary workshop discount!!


Our Fee Schedule

All two hour classes - $200

1.5 hour classes - $175

Broadway Repertoire - $250

Single students taking 3 classes in a single semester - $500

New students get a 10% discount (not off the 3 classes for $500)

Acting Classes:

Intro to Theatre (F2017-101)

Saturdays Third Floor $200

9:00 - 11:00 Grades 2 - 5

Fill your theatre toolbox with the essentials you learn in this important introductory class. Do it while you are having FUN creating, exploring, bringing in wacky props to use in class, acting out hilarious skits, learning about the PCS theatre complex from the backstage view, making new friends, and using your imagination. This class can be taken more than once because there is so much to learn! Bring a friend!



Acting Playground (F2017-102)

Saturdays           Third fl.   $175

11:00 - 12:30      Grades K - 2

Do you need an outlet for your epic imitation of a lizard? Do you like to create stories and make believe characters? Do you like having a great time on a Saturday morning? Through creative play, acting games, and exploration, this course lets kids be kids in a safe and nurturing environment.



Improve your Improv  (F2017-107)

Saturdays           Lobby                 $200

9:00 - 11:00        Grades 5 - 8

It’s not just fun and games. But it is fun. Improv is a building block for finding the life of your        character. It is a force that propels the scene forward. In this class, you will experience basic    improv. Improv may not change your life but it will definitely make your Saturdays an  AWESOME experience!



Acting Seminars   (F2017-209)

Saturdays           Lobby                $200

1:15 - 3:15         Grades 7 - 12

Session A Deconstructing Thornton Wilder (F2017 - 209B)

9/9 - 9/30      ($100)

The musical Hello, Dolly is based on the play The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder. This is a chance to study one of America’s greatest playwright’s and get a step up on conquering the intricacies of the language and speech patterns in the upcoming spring musical.

Session B The Theatre According to Joe (F2017 - 209A)

10/7-10/28   ($100)

This seminar will give you insights into directing, constructing characters, how to approach a role, how  to make the most of each moment on stage, how to be an actor.




Music & Dance Classes:

The World of Moana (F2017-103)

Saturdays           Lobby                 $200

11:00 - 1:00        Grades 2 - 5

Using the songs and traditions of the story of Moana and Maui, sing, dance and explore this unique island world. Enjoy a luau and simple costume creations. What an amazing adventure!



Rock Musicals from Rocky Horror to DEH  (F2017-203)

Saturdays           2nd floor             $200

11:00 - 1:00        Grades 6 - 12

If you like rock and roll in your musicals, this class is for you. Selections from amazing rock musicals will include songs from Rocky Horror, Dear Evan Hansen, Godspell, and more. Rock it out!



Broadway Dance and Tap with Darrin (F2017-213) 

Saturdays           2nd floor             $200

1:15 - 3:15         Grades 5 - 12

This class is for all ability levels. You will focus on dancing with props in preparation for Hello, Dolly! and continue our emphasis on tap development so we will be ready for our future big tap shows. It is important that both males and females keep up their dance training because there is a bunch of athletic male dancing in Dolly!



Broadway Repertoire (F2017-207)

Saturdays           2nd floor             $250

9:00 - 11:00        Grades 9 - 12 ONLY

This very advanced class is designed for the most experienced and  mature singers. In addition to learning repertoire, you will learn how to interpret and  present songs in an effective and honest way. You will learn to critique performances and apply knowledge to your own interpretation of song. You will receive an evaluation at the end of the 8 week session.

Note: 8th graders will be able to take the course in the Winter Session.






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