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Take The Stage!!



Please take note that the times listed above are correct .
Sunday May 28th and Sun June 4th showtimes are 2:00 pm.
These were incorrectly listed as 3:00pm. when first posted.

To all our students, families and friends:

Its time to come back to YPTW IN PERSON... One last time.

As we close the doors on a long history of creating magical theatrical moments...making friends...or teaching a class....We hope that you will come back and join us for our production of The Little Mermaid.

Come back and meet old friends, Come back and see that spark of young talent on stage, Come back and celebrate!

Hope to see you all....Under the Sea!




If you are able and wish to make a donation to YPTW during these


difficult times, please feel free to do so via Paypal. Our Paypal address is


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