YPTW Winter Workshop 2021

Annie Jr.jpg

Special Announcement!!

Due to Covid restrictions at WSSD

All rehearsals and performances of

Annie Jr. will be held at

The Players Club of Swarthmore this year!!


December 11 at 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 pm

at the Players Club of Swarthmore

The Main Characters in our Story

Annie - Becca Martin

Oliver Warbucks - Scott Snyder

Miss Hannigan - Sonya Blum

Grace Farrell - Caroline Boerth

Rooster - Jacob Graden

Lily - Lizzie Iverson

Annie’s Friends at the Orphanage

Duffy Vivian Betts

July Shira Jasner

Pepper Sydney Hall

Tessie Emily Patterson

Kate Kate Santee

Molly Pallavi Misra

More Kids Living the Hard Knock Life

Dalia Lebovic, Leah Jasner, Jenna Martin, Meghan Martin, Eliza Homberger, Annie Homberger, Chloe Zeserson, Sophie Siskin, Leyna Cross, Ella Gwinn 

Lilah Brown, Beatrice Martoff, Cordelia Hughes Paterson

The Staff at Mr. Warbucks’ Mansion

Drake - Katie Snyder

Mrs. Greer - Hilary Glasson

Mrs. Pugh - Brielle Keaveney

Cecille - Harper Surkis

Annette Maggie McDermott, Adeline Barton, Lexie Zeitz, Zoe Schmidt, Emily Rosen, Leah Noller, Avery Falk, Tess Berger, Lena Soares, Eden Zemble, Akil Goldsboro, Mac Willsie, Greyson Lucchesi-McShea

More Important People in our Story

The Star To Be -  Tess Berger

FDR -  Greyson Lucchesi-McShea

Louis Howe - Zoe Schmidt

Bundles McCloskey - Mac Willsie

Lt. Ward - Emily Rosen

Officer Smith - Akil Goldsboro

Dog Catcher - Eden Zemble

Usherette -Lexie Zeitz

Apple Seller - Adeline Barton

Sound Effects Man - Mac Willsie

Bert Healy - Tess Berge




If you are able and wish to make a donation to YPTW during these


difficult times, please feel free to do so via Paypal. Our Paypal address is yptw@aol.com.